For more than half a century, Illegno’s knowledge of buying and selling the most diverse kind of wood products has evolved into the production of veneer. We have always been passionately involved in wood manufacturing, from origin to final destination.  

The selection of veneer is a mark of quality and a guarantee of client satisfaction. Our aim is to provide customers the best quality materials. We acquire the material directly from the production areas to be worked and sold into commercial market. We produce more than one hundred species.

Maple, Beech, Ash, Chestnut, Oak, European and American Cherry, Pear Tree, Aniegre’, Erable, Mohogany, Doussie, and American Elm have always been an important part of our stock in terms of production and quantity. But in a world in continuous expansion, diversification is needed, which is why we have extended our offer to fiddleback veneers such as Aniegre’, Movingui, Curly Maple, Maple, and Makore.

We also offer pomele veneers: Sapeli, Moabi, Bubinga, Quilted Maple – to name a few. Among the American and European burl species we provide Madrone, Maple, Pepperwood, Walnut, Poplar, Ash, Elm, Oak, and Birch. Our company operates with highest respect for the natural environment and cutting areas, choosing material based on quality and preciousness, and following it during the entirety of the process: flitching, slicing, drying, and final selection.

Our warehouse is the last checkpoint in the long process of transformation and when all the most marvelous qualities –color, vein, shape, and reflection–are finally revealed. We carefully manage the product from production to final use. All orders receive custom handling. Illegno provides a collection that satisfies the most demanding requests with passion and professionalism.

Our company complies with E.U. regulations and since 2010 has been a FSC® wood provider. We have successfully entered global markets, met industrial trends, and currently use the latest applied technologies. These successes allow our company to offer customers premium products and to continue our prestigious contribution to national and international markets.

We work with nature to give naturalness to things.